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All-seasons road bike

This is a road bike that can handle the demands of the UK weather while remaining fun to ride.

Fillet-brazed Columbus Zona tubing provides a good balance, of strength, low weight, comfort and value. 420mm chainstays and a slightly raised rear brake bridge allowed full mudguards to be fitted without compromising the look or the characteristics of the bike.

Matched with a Columbus Hiver carbon fibre fork and 25mm tyres, the bike gives sure-footed handling and tames the vagaries of the UK's tarmac. The SKS mudguards protect machine, rider and companions.

The paint job's not fancy, but it's appropriate for the intended use. The gloss lacquered grey powder coat is discrete and tough.

It's a bike for winter that's also perfectly happy to tackle the long, hot days of summer. And their inevitable thunder storms.