The requirements

"I want a bike I can just jump on and ride in normal clothes, but I don't want a retro show-pony."

"And I'd like it to be easy to clean and look after, with no faffing about. Basically, a car I can pedal."

OK, I said.

This build combines elements of classic town bikes with the best bits of modern bike technology. Front and rear racks mean that bags can be carried on the bike, not your back. Full mudguards and a chain guard keep things clean and tidy.




An Alfine 8-speed hub combined with a Jtek bar shifter give a broad range of gears that are simple to use, and the TRP Spyre brakes make sure you can stop what you start, regardless of the weather.

It's powder coated not painted. Heresy! A durable low-key finish was needed, and this does the job very well.

Modern LED lighting and dynamo hubs mean you can be seen without the hassle of adding and removing battery lights.

The frame is fillet brazed from Columbus Zona, and the fork is a refinished Surly Disc Trucker model. Tried and trusted for this kind of application.

Velo Orange finishing kit, including hand-stitched Elk hide leather grips lend a touch of luxury, while a Hendricks Gin bottle top plugs the end of the handlebar. Well, if the cap fits...


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